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Monday, July 12, 2010

░ News ░

I am the founder of this new blog, Unknown Memoir. Hopefully in the future it will become illustrious but as of right now, my camera needs new batteries and my vision of what exactly I want the blog to be about isn't that clear. For the first month I will be posting a few random things about ..well, what ever I feel like and as soon as I feel the blog is ready for public eyes, I will send out banners and try my hardest to spread the word. Meanwhile, I'll be working on those banners and posting them here. If you have any suggestions, contact me at [moriahdnfm@yahoo.com]

░ Nail Rescue ░

Featured brand : Sally Hansen
Why : Professional, efficient and doesn't test on animals

The first fun fact you should know : The nail plate is made of keratin protien and amino acids which is why any food with fatty or amino acids is great for nail growth!

What your nails say about your health
+iron/protien/calcium deficiency = brittle, concave, ridged
+to much salt = external fibrous growths
+nervousness/hyper thyroid = seperation of the nail bed
+respiratory difficulties = bluish discoloration
+ bronchial difficulties =yellowish discoloration
+anemia = pale nail beds
+vitamin A deficiency = peeling nails (my current problem)
+zinc deficiency = poor nail growth
+vegetable quality oils deficiency = thin brittle nails
+consumption extremes in diet (especially meat) = rough or bumpy ridges

Video below
: Sally Hansen nail expert Jessica Hoffman shows you the tricks of the trade so you can perfect your own professional manicure.
[I got this video from www.cosmopolitan.co.uk]

░ Social Networking ░

Facebook : Everyone's becoming addicted to this international social network. Which hasn't yet, totally eliminated all others. Myspace ranked second and Bebo ranked third in social networking reviews on TopTenReviews.com. Although myspace's profiles, search and networking features scored higher than facebook's score. Friendster, Hi5, orkut, perfspot, Yahoo! 360, Zorpia and Netlog were the other scored networks. (In order from highest to lowest) & A Quick Fact : Nine percent of woman have broken up via facebook while 24 percent of men admit to having done the same. (from http://www.thefrisky.com/)

Want to get away from these mediocre sites? : Try 1) http://www.foursquare.com/! It's different because it only allows members to broadcast there whereabouts. (also, it's an app) By "checking in" members can earn real-world rewards like discounts, prizes and free stuff but you'll have to check this site out for yourselves! While Foursquare is for the new age, tech-savvy, 2) http://www.eons.com/ is for the older crowd, how old your asking? How about post-WWll! Now for all you compassionate sweethearts out there, try 3) http://www.socailvibe.com/ This site is not really about socializing with other people but it can go on your social network page and it's a great site so go visit. Here's the analysis, users select a charity, then select a favorite brand or product. An ad for that brand or product goes on the user's socail network profile, and the proceeds from the ad go to the chosen charity. Sweet deal, right? Last is a site for travelers who own camera's; http://www.sosauce.com/. The main idea of this site is to upload your travel pictures and blog about them, then when you need a brake there are tons of games to play on this site.

My personal choice : would have to be http://www.imvu.com/ after being a faithful member of this virtual world for five years I can honestly say ... as long as your creative and try to experience everything the site has to offer, you will never be bored!

Any unique, worth-while social networks worth singing up for .... let me know via comment or email. (moriahdnfm@yahoo.com)

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